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Colour Coated Roofing Sheets & Accessories

Colour Coated Roofing Sheets &



India Gold and India Gold+ are brands of Silcon Steel Pvt. Ltd. Based in Bangalore. Our company provides exceptional quality and on time product delivery to its beloved customers. Profile corrugated sheets manufactured by us, are sold by the name of India Gold(BGL & PPGI) and India Gold+(PPGL). The profiles are made of quality metal substrates with high performing pre-treatment, primer and topcoat all brought together in a carefully controlled manufacturing process that delivers best quality and performance.

Every profile sheet is tested and optimized for error free performance year after year. Usually, these profiles do not need a revisit for decades. Superior color adhesion and precise zinc coating ensure better corrosion resistance and cut-edge protection. Use of high performance paints like High Durable Polyester (HDP) and Poly Vinyldene Floride (PVDF) means the sheets retain their color and gloss over a long period of time. The profile design of corrugated sheets gives strength and rigidity to the sheet by providing optimum pitch and depth ratio.

Apart from corrugated sheets many other PEB( Pre-Engineered Buildings) accessories are also manufactured by us like : gutters, down pipes, gable-end, L-flash, Roof ventilators, Louvers and Poly-carbonate profile sheets in various colors of your choice.


India Gold and India Gold+ is a special design profile for stronger roofing applications. Its optimum pitch and depth ratio lends superior weight bearing capacity, making India Gold the profile of choice. Its unique design makes for a watertight roofing solution with the added advantage of an anti-capillary groove, which ensures a leak proof installation for years to come. The design also prevents moisture built up on fasteners preventing premature corrosion.


India Gold+ is a cladding profile that is designed to fit most applications. The profile offers wider coverage with optimum strength. The unique center-ribs lend better wind load carrying capacity. The unique anti-capillary groove prevents water seepage through the overlaps, ensuring watertight claddings that remain leak-proof for years. The design also prevents moisture built up on fasteners, preventing premature corrosion.


The crimped sheets are essential used for curved roofs as this crimped sheets are manufactured from normal trapezoidal profile sheet with required bending as per structure requirement. This crimped sheet ensure joint less long bend sheets thus no chance of leakage from the bend portion.

Profile Ridge - Roof Cover
Profile Canopy - Gate Cover
Profile NLC - Shade cover from Roof to Cladding
Profile Curvature - Overlapping.